Chemical Waste Drainage: Glass Pipe

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Chemical waste and vent systems are designed to convey chemical waste to a dilution tank or...

Glass (borosilicate) is used to manufacture corrosion-resistant pipe and fittings for drain,...

Benefit of Material to Systems Application

Glass pipe is one of most corrosion resistant pipes available, which makes in a great choice for Chemical Waste Drainage. It will hold up to many chemicals that would eat away at many plastic or metal pipes, and will not give off toxic fumes when heated, which makes it one of very few materials allowed for use within a return air plenum.  Glass Pipe will not burn, melt, soften, or sag when heated, and it has a higher operating temperature than plastic pipe. Glass pipe also has a very small thermal expansion coefficient, eliminating the need for expansion loops. Although glass piping is somewhat fragile, the mechanical connection used make replacement very quick and simple. These mechanical fittings also allow the pipes to be fitted at up to a 4° angle to one another, allowing for easier and less precise installation.

System Application and Material Usage

Chemical waste drainage systems require several components, including acid-resistant floor drains, neutralization tanks and pH monitoring devices. In cases where chemical neutralization is required prior to discharge into the sewer, the waste flow is directed to and collected in neutralization tanks containing limestone. In some situations, a double containment system may be desired or required. Consult current ASME standards for assembling these systems.

Chemical waste systems being routed through a return air plenum must meet the 20/50 flame spread and smoke development requirements of ASTM E84 or the more stringent flame propagation and smoke density requirements of UL910. Because of this requirement, glass piping remains the traditional piping of choice for acid waste piping with PVDF offered as an alternative.

Glass Pipe is used in most laboratory and industrial applications where the drainage system sees a wide variety of chemicals. In many applications it may be the only material that will hold up to the acids that will be flowing through the system. In applications where high heat or fire is a concern, glass pipe is almost always the material of choice. Glass pipe is available in 5 or 10 foot sections up to 12” in diameter.

For more information regarding sizing and pressure ratings, refer to Glass Pipe.

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Applicable Joining Methods


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